Where am I ?

Welcome to my site.
Its hard to come by this place by accident, so you must be searching for something.
That something would probably be information about me.

This site is rather temporary, I intend to make this domain my little playground, so expect changes in its layout and workings.

So who are you ?

I can see you !

My name is Łukasz, but you can call me Meltir (or Lukas).

I'm a web developer in my twenties, originally from Poland.
I'm proficient in php and a number of other technologies relevant to web design and development, but feel free to check out my portfolio and judge for yourself.
I've used symfony as the base of multiple projects in the past couple of years, and I will probably keep on doing so untill Sesio makes some silly decision.
For the past 2 years I've been working at Telecom Plus PLC designing, managing and implementing a number of solutions and maintaining the servers they run on.
In a past life I was the Project Manager at SOTE in charge of releasing a number of revisions of their flagship e-commerce solution.

Should you want to contact me - feel free to drop me an email, or just skype me.