About Me


Born in Poland's Poznań on december 1983.
In 2003 Uni had to wait.

After gaining some experience and some references, found a home at www.sote.pl where he stayed for 3 years, developing e-commerce solutions and modifying existing web apps to better suit the needs of the company's clients.
In 2008 moved to London's Telecom Plus PLC, currently building and maintaining the various web sites they administer.

Currently a web developer at Telecom plus PLC.

A proficient php (4/5 OOP) developer, accustomed to solving borderline server/application issues.
Using MVC frameworks / php / jquery / javascript / ajax / css / html / xml / soap / json / mysql / mssql / apache (LAMP) / whataver i have a manual for/ in his projects as requested or required.
Handy with eclipse-pdt, zend studio, PhpStorm, notepad++ and vi.

A registered linux user (this used to be a thing..), fairly proficient in using older debian releases, but lately got lazy and went along with the ubuntu craze.
Playing around with nginx, AWS and GCloud when I'm bored.
Up until August 2008 was a fluxbox evangelist and supporter, but for various reason (got lazy) made a switch to gnome and may not come back...
Comfortable (if slightly unhappy) using windows and xampp.



Loves paintball, but doesnt have time to play these days.
Attends the occasional conference (PHPLondon 2014 2012 2009, International PHP Conference 2006) and Meetups.
Gadget lover, Android and Google dev enthusiast.
(Do you have a chromecast yet ?
Dude, you need to get a chromecast !)
Known to spend evenings killing monsters on his game console, or bingeing on Neftlix or youtube.
An armchair movie critic and music lover.