Examples of my work

Some of my previous projects. The ones i remember, the ones i like, the ones i enjoyed for some reason.
No point in showing all of them, especially since some have been offline for quite a while, others have been rebuilt.
I want to note that none of these graphic designs are mine.
I'm a web developer, not a graphic artist - my job was to implement designs that were given to me in .png form, using technologies relevant to the specific project.
In some cases - none of the visible parts of the projects were my work - i was sometimes responsible for developing the entire backend (model and controller) of a website, while someone else was responsible for the view.



Online booking system for our salesforce.



Customer account management facilities, ways to save if your a customer and such.



A modification of the standard soteesklep application.
In order to implement some of the graphic elements, major modifications were required - great attention was given to every detail of the sites design.



A fun project me and a friend did for Poznań's most recognized culture center.
The entire site (including a custom backend) was written from scratch.



Well, my site.
I make websites for a living, stands to reason that i should have a website myself.